Crushing 2020: the Year for Thinking Ahead

Well… yeah. I can say I’m crushing it in the first two weeks, right?

I started a vegetarian diet in December, falling off a few days for holiday-related feasting. It was a non-hardcore switch, so these “failures” didn’t hurt my psychology. But with the turn of the decade, I’ve cemented the change as part of my life. So far, it’s the most natural thing I’ve ever done. Even on days when I wake up sore from a previous day’s work out, when I typically might crave a bacon cheeseburger, there is nothing. Huge win for the vegetarian switchover. *high five*

Today’s cardio success comes via the support of the defender of the universe.

I am feeling my age a bit more with this re-re-re-re-re-introduction to daily workouts. My soreness levels aren’t so bad, and recover seems better than the last time I re-started (thank you vegetarianism?), but I feel like I’m not progressing as fast. Week three here, and I felt more like falling out than I did on day one. So many factors to consider, I know, but I can’t help a level of frustration, even if it is minuscule.

This year, this time, I’m trying to focus on the long game. I’m definitely that person who, when after 20 minutes the significant change hasn’t happened, I change my mind about dealing with the hardships. NOT NO MO’. This year, it’s not about doing it for a future purpose, but doing it because right now it has to be done, for itself. Because there’s value in a thing, not just for its possible end. I work out every day because it’s part of my daily routine, not because I want to lose 30 pounds. I eat this way because its good for my wellbeing, overall, and is just what I do, not for any reason specifically. It’s for ALL the reasons. I no longer don’t do a thing because I don’t want to- that’s what toddlers say- I do it because it’s part of my day. The obstacle is the way– right? Decision making based on wanting and what’s fun and/or enjoyable only leads to mediocrity. Judging by my current state, I’d say that has to be true.

I’m going to attempt some more personalized posts this year. Let me know if you enjoyed this one by liking it, and leave a comment about your own life journeys, especially in regards to this new decade. Wish me luck in following through with this new mindset, and new daily routines and much luck to you in your journey 🙂

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