Healthier Me Update

Contemplating how not to be “lesser”

I pre-gamed it through the new year with 21 Day Fix, and am on to using the P90X weight days to fill in strength training for a week. January 13th will be Day 1 of Transform :20 while I continue 3 days a week of weight training with P90X (why, you ask, don’t I just follow the P90X schedule? A very good question I’m asking myself at this moment. Thanks for that.).

My goal is to go hard while allowing for my less-than-peak fitness level. I don’t want to take on long days that might lead me to quit (I guess that answers: why not just do P90X). Here’s my middle ground… at least what I’ve rationalized as “middle.”

This plan also indulges my need to sweat and burn. There are so many non-intensive ways to reach my fitness goal, but if I don’t feel like I’ve almost died, I don’t feel like I’ve worked. This is a psychological problem, but one I’m not worried about changing. When I feel like I can push through 20 minutes of Shawn T, I’ll progress to 50 minutes of Plyometrics 🙂

You’ll notice I exclusively use home workouts from BeachBody. I am a homebody. I usually work from home, and often will just not leave the house, especially to go to the gym. My home “gym” boasts enough equipment that I can more than adequately create gains in this manner. I am not a Beachbody coach, but do love following pre-planned programs where I get to follow along and not second guess the decisions I made for myself, which I always do when I design my own workouts. I pay for Beachbody on Demand, so I might as well get my money out of it 😉

Thanks for listening. Here’s to accountability and actually doing a thing we say *cheers*

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