A (late) story of my Reemergence

I’ve gotten so behind, while also getting so much done!

Yes, I’m way behind on getting book 4 of The Fool’s Path to you. It’s in the works, I swear. I have a tentative release of Spring 2021. It’ll be a long book; lots of words. There’s so much to tie up and I really never planned to have Dee’s story start a fifteen book series 😉 I really want four books to be it.

Don’t worry. If you’re sad about the end looming, there are stories about Daniel’s past, Amalthea and Metis, LeSath’s Soldiers, and of course, Hamal cued for writing. Let me know if there’s anyone else you’re dying to read more about 🙂

While diving into this last book (Catching Balance), I’ve gone over the first three books. A (bad) idea that opened so many cans of worms.

Stumbling was my first book baby. I’d worked on it for so long that once I found the courage to put it out into the world I was a little impatient. I should have let it sit a little longer, should have taken a little more time to refine it. But it was my learning curve, and for my first novel with minimal editorial help, I’m still very proud of it 🙂

(Still haven’t read it? Get your copy here).

There was a similar problem with Falling Forward (I’m also convinced somehow a previous edit got uploaded that was a mess and was the published version for a long time before I noticed. It was sloppy for a long time and so many apologies from me if you read that version). Super embarrassing, but a wicked learning curve that has helped my brain so much.

Because of this reevaluation, I’ve decided to republish the series under alternate titles. Don’t worry, that plan won’t take energy from getting book 4 out. I want to release Book 4 under The Fool’s Path series before dealing with rebranding. All my books are published using Amazon ISBN’s. A cheaper option I chose to see how this whole indie-publishing thing worked. The rebrand will happen under my own publishing house but that’s a plan for the end of next year. (If you’re signed up for a free travel pass, you’ll have already gotten the low-down on these plans 🙂 )

I really let the COVID lockdown take me away. I played World of Warcraft 16 hours a day for four months before finally getting my writing tools back out. I’ve been away from social media since June. This post will be my official reemergence (at the time of this post, I’ve been back a few weeks). It’s hard for me to believe in the value of my words. I definitely struggle with connecting. I’m drawn to bury my head in my work, but sharing my process and linking with other writers is important, too! And hearing from readers makes it real! Drop me a line if you’re either 🙂 I’m in desperate need of alpha and beta readers, and I’d love to be an alpha reader for you!

I have put away my gaming computer (mostly) for my writing tools. While I’ve still been stagnant on producing work for The Fool’s Path, I’ve gotten so much other work done. I’ve written two books in a new series I hope to publish traditionally, while also starting four books in a third series that interweave through the eyes of different characters. So, many, many written words. Now, to polish something up or it doesn’t really count…

What have you been working on?

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