Author C. M. Martens


A goal not written down is just a vague objective.


My goal is to write books you’ll love by creating scarred, flawed characters forced to walk beyond their limits; forced to walk a parallel path to the rest of the world because of some secret that was granted them the rest of the world could not believe. Each will be gifted with some strength that sets them apart. All are loathed to use their gifts as fate has laid before them wishing instead to stay comfortable in their normal existences.

I started writing to fill a gap in what I could find to read. I started writing so I could be immersed in the worlds I wanted to fall into. Now, I hope to expand my reach from just myself to others like me who also search for new worlds to fall into. Who search for characters to walk with that might spawn some connection. Characters we want to follow through adventure after adventure.

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