Author C. M. Martens

A goal not written down is just a vague objective.


My goal is to write books you’ll love by creating scarred, flawed characters forced to walk beyond their limits; forced to walk a parallel path to the rest of the world because of some secret that sets them apart.

I started writing in high school to fill a gap in what I wanted to read and what I could find to that fit that description. I started writing so I could be immersed in worlds I wished to fall into. Now, I hope to expand my reach, to share my stories with others like me who also long for new worlds to fall into. Others who search for characters to walk with; to share in tragedy and defeat, love and hope. Characters whom we want to follow through adventure after adventure.

Get the first five chapters of my debut novel Stumbling, Book One on The Fool’s Path to check out if my worlds should be your worlds, too.

I want to hear from you! Even if it’s just to say hello 🙂

Drop me a line below or email me directly: cindy_martens (at) ymail (dot) com [Yes, that’s a ‘Y’, not a ‘G’]