Crashing Down: Book Three on The Fool’s Path

A year.

Well, ten months.

Ten months and Dee is no closer to finding her way than when she started. She can’t help but wonder if there is a way for her to separate her life from the fantastical.

Not only that, Zibanitu’s plans may erase all her progress.
Lucky for her, the Rishis still want to play. Or is it all part of some greater plan?

When friends turn enemies, and enemies abound, Dee’s mental health falls into question. With no one there to pick her up, apathy rears strong, and Dee might just throw in the towel on caring about getting her life back. It’s not like she was ever that close anyway.

Forced to participate in another Rishi’s incomprehensible game raises the stakes. Dee is pushed to another level, her training allowing her to grab fate by the throat. But this newfound strength uncovers a secret not even Dee had thought possible.

This new twist opens doors no one wanted and could just be the thing that destroys Dee for good.

The Fool’s Path is a series about making sense of a world that doesn’t make sense, about learning how to trust and love, especially yourself and that even among enemies, there are things to be discovered. Author C. M. Martens brings a new kind of paranormal world to life in this stunning debut series.