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Memory is fickle. To protect us from the unimaginable, it blocks what we might not accept.

But the past has a way of catching up, no matter how much we ignore it.

Dee’s past barrels over her on a quiet night in her rural hometown. Compelled to chase the creature who attacked, pulled by vague ideas that this happened before, she finds herself on a path too unreal to explain. How she’ll navigate this strange, new world, she doesn’t know, but the promise of answers pulls her along.

With the arrival of Hamal, a mysterious stranger who happens to know just enough to weasel his way into her life, Dee’s questions grow. With Hamal’s guidance, will she be safer, or more in danger than ever?

But, even Hamal could never guess what’s on the horizon.

As the truth of her world becomes harder to understand, Dee is forced to accept help from the very things that are after her, immortal beings alive since before any human history might fathom. Dee must decide friend from foe, and whether the price for answers is something she can live with. The cost might be her freedom, or her life.

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