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All Desiree wants to do is live. But living isn’t enough. Control. That’s what’s important. And if that means killing, she’ll have to accept her part in the Killing Game.

Terrible events can erode the psyche, steal from us the core of who we are. If we’re lucky, those events can be left in the past and life can continue in the present as a reformed, better version of ourselves.

Desiree hopes for this very thing. If only her dreams would stop rehashing the very event she hopes to forget. Every night, scorching heat sears her memories. Memories vague and confusing. Memories, if remembered, that might explain her supernatural strength and speed.

But if forgetting was the only way she could move on, she’ll gladly accept her amnesia. Enough time has passed for her to know she’s safe from whatever happened that night.

Except something hunts her. Something sent from this past she can’t recall.

Thanks to a mysterious stranger, Dee escapes an attack on her life. She knows she shouldn’t trust him. His arrival is too coincidental for him to not be involved. But Hamal is her only tie to what’s going on. She knows she should kill him before he kills her, but first, she’ll get every scrap of information he has.

When others put their hand in the fight, escalating this Killing Game, Hamal decides to break his rules. Rules that have kept him alive among the supernatural he has no business competing against. But he knows she’s worth breaking the rules for. He knows he has a chance to play a part in making her something to rival even them.

Forced to put her faith in a stranger, Dee trains to protect herself from immortal foes. Foes legends hold no trace. Some are with her, some against her. Little does she know, one is the creator of her fate—a Rishi whose wish started it all.

If you love the idea of Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan in a world similar to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, this is a journey you want to start. Hit BUY NOW to get swept up in Desiree’s adventure.

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