Magic Fade: A YA Fantasy Series

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Upcoming YA fantasy series by C.M. Martens

Magic Fade

Mulik. The most prestiges SpelFrey school in Siela.

Once the decision is made for Maslyn to attend, she sets her sights on becoming the best. Her power is great, different and more than any other with magic in their blood.
But her power also makes her dangerous. Her father insists on secrecy.
When hunters of the magic Bloods find her, she’s forced to uncap that power to save herself from the hooded assailant whose power is reminiscent of her own.
Once at school, things don’t calm down. Sifting through her father’s lies, she learns her craft with the limited magic she’s allotted. Everything is more difficult than she imagined. Soon, her dream of being the best becomes nothing more than proving she belongs.
When rumors of more missing Bloods come to light, Maslyn must decide if she’s strong enough to fight. Someone has to stop the kidnappings few believe are a serious threat. As she pushes her limits, learning through handicaps and secrets, bullies and terror, Maslyn finds what real power is. Will she elevate herself to best, as she always wanted or fall to those who wish harm for all those with magic?

Expected Release:

Spring 2023

Books in Series:

1- In the Fade

2- Faded

3- Broken Wings to Fly (working title)

4- Dragon Soul (working title)