Stumbling: Book One on The Fool’s Path

Quiet life in small town USA, is fine. Everything’s fine. Desiree takes one day at a time. As long as those days don’t ask her to face the questions buried in her faded memories, life is good. Simple. Quiet. The weird strength, speed, and agility she somehow acquired aren’t worth digging into a pain-filled past to figure out.
But the past has a way of catching up, whether we want to face it or not.
When a creature she can only label vampire attacks, Dee knows her avoidance has come to an end. Especially when, coincidentally, Hamal arrives at the same time. He has answers and Dee doesn’t care how dangerous he might be, she wants what he knows. With her augmented strength, she can take him, right?

With a tenuous trust in a man she is sure knows more than he lets on, Dee stumbles down a path she never dreamt possible. However, there’s so much more to her story than even Hamal knows. As the truth of her world becomes harder to understand, she’s forced to accept help from the very beings that are after her. Running from faceless enemies, whom can she trust? Is there a path that will lead her from the fray, or do all roads point towards more questions?

The Fool’s Path is a series about making sense of a world that doesn’t make sense, about learning how to trust and love, especially yourself and that even among enemies, there are things to be learned.

Author C. M. Martens brings a new kind of paranormal world to life in this stunning debut.

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