Stumbling: Book One on The Fool’s Path

Life is quiet in small town, USA. Desiree’s fine with taking one day at a time, as long as those days don’t ask her to face the questions buried in her faded memories. Not even the unnatural strength, speed and agility she’s acquired is worth digging into a pain-filled past.
But our pasts always catch up to us, whether we want to face it or not.
When a creature she can only describe as a vampire implies Desiree is a strange creature that needs killing, rather than the other way around, the avoided questions of her past become too dangerous to ignore.
Hamal arrives, just in time to save her, and the timing is too coincidental to overlook. But with no one else with answers, what choice does she have but to let him in? With her augmented strength, she can take him if he has nefarious plans.
With a tenuous trust in a man she’s sure knows more than he lets on, Dee stumbles down a path she never dreamt existed. But there’s so much more to her story that even Hamal does not know what to expect.
As the truth of her world becomes harder to understand, she’s forced to accept help from the very beings that are after her. Hiding from faceless enemies, how does she choose who to trust?

The Fool’s Path is a series about making sense of a world that doesn’t make sense, about learning how to trust and love, especially yourself and that even among enemies, there are things to be learned. Author C. M. Martens brings a new kind of paranormal world to life in this stunning debut.

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