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My love of words began as soon as I learned to read. Over the years, I’ve gone from reading others’ books to writing my own. I like to think I’m telling the stories of lives lived in alternate universes…so grab a multiverse passport and join me in traveling these fantastical worlds.

The End of Dying

The final installment in the Rishi’s Wish series

Hope is not a plan. That’s what Phecda tried to explain. It’s what Dee has finally learned.

She’s lost so much.

They say when the crucible is laid, true character is revealed. Will Dee’s trials show her as the hero or the villain of her story?

Don’t miss this best adventure yet! Read Born to Die, book 4 in the Rishi’s WIsh series today.

Rishi’s Wish

An Urban Fantasy Saga
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Rishi’s Wish Omnibus (books 1-3) is available in multiple e-formats. Catch up on Desiree’s epic adventure today!

TEN-ZERO-NINE – the RISHI’S WISH prequel – and Killing Game – book 1 – are available as free downloads. Click the book image below to start reading or choose your store of choice with the buttons.

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Spring 2023

Rishi’s Wish: an Urban Fantasy Series

Killing Game

Dee doesn’t remember much before she crawled to her best friend, Mike’s doorstep, battered and bloody. She doesn’t remember what happened that made her supernaturally fast and strong. She just knows digging into those memories are too painful. Her friends are gone—probably dead—and she doesn’t want to know that she might have had something to do with it.

But the thing that did this isn’t willing to let her go. When a mysterious stranger saves her from an attack on her life, she’s forced to trust him.

Hamal breaks his own rules by coming to Dee’s aid. His mission was to watch, not interfere. But there’s something about her. Something he knows is worth putting himself in danger so she’ll be ready to save herself. And with the Killing Game growing, there will be plenty of opportunities.

Thrown into a world with immortal foes, some friends, some enemies, Dee must decide to play their game and find answers, or choose a life of constant running. Little does she know, one holds the answers to her past—a Rishi whose wish started it all.

If you love the idea of Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan in a world similar to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, this is a journey you want to start. Hit BUY NOW to get swept up in Desiree’s adventure.

Claiming Krinkae

a Dark-Fantasy Romance Saga

Coming 2023

Coming 2023!

Callie is the last living descendent of the blood truce – her life all that holds back threats from beyond their border.
When an unknowable curse sends Callie into an unwakeable sleep, the peace set by the last of the Fae is threatened. Desperate to save his love, there is nothing Cosan won’t withstand to save her from the threatening Dark.
Cosan and Callie will be tested beyond their limits. They’ll put their very lives on the line for each other. Will it be enough to save the very fate of their world?

Romance Tropes: cursed, royalty, alpha hero, trauma, outside danger, royal/guard

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