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The Fool’s Path Series
Book One on The Fool’s Path. Join Desiree on her adventure of discovering her past while confronting a future she never dreamed possible.
Falling Forward is Book Two of Desiree’s adventure.

“A must read! From beginning to end, never a dull moment! Be careful, you may not want to put it down.”

Amazon Review

“What a wonderful gem among new authors! We get to know the main character as she gets to know herself among a whirlwind of events and surprises. The descriptions of people, places, and things were fantastic; I could easily picture things in my mind without the descriptions dragging down the flow of the story. When I finished, it was hard to believe that this is Martens’ first book- can’t wait for the second! Also, as a fantasy lover, I do sometimes feel over saturated with the standard witch, wizard, vampire, etc elements. This book was like a breath of fresh air with new creatures that reveal more about themselves as time goes on.”

Goodreads Review