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The Fool’s Path Series
Book One on The Fool’s Path. Join Desiree on her adventure of discovering her past while confronting a future she never dreamed possible.
Falling Forward is Book Two of Desiree’s adventure.
Crashing Down
Book Three continues Dee’s journey into more intrigue.

“Dear Santa,

“For this year’s present, I would like you to turn C. M. Martens’ book “Stumbling” into a movie. The chemistry between characters left me holding my breath, the supernatural world was beyond thrilling, and the story so well built, SO intriguing, I can’t believe it’s not already spread all over Hollywood billboards as we speak.”

Okay, I think that’s it. Oh yeah, please bring me a copy of the second book “Falling Forward” as soon as humanly possible.”

-Amazon Review

Thrilling Story That Left Me Holding My Breath

“With all the superhero and magic world stories and movies around today, this story was truly so different and interesting. It consistently made me wonder where was it leading. I was able to clearly visualize the characters, who ranged from normal to super-human. The story, haracters, actions scenes, inner thoughts of thee characteres all made for a extremely enjoyable read. I verey much look forward to readoning C. M. Martens’ Book 2.”

Amazon Reviewer