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Rishi’s Wish

A 4 1/2 book Urban Fantasy series

Start Dee’s adventure with KILLING GAME, out June 18th!

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Killing Game: Book 1 (parts I-III)

Desiree doesn’t want to remember the terrible event that gave her super strength and speed. Whatever it was left her friends dead. She’s accepted she won’t remember. She’s content with moving forward, living a life of quiet isolation.

But how often do we get what we want?

Ambushed on the silent streets of her hometown, Dee is pushed into a world as impossible as it is unbelievable. Ancient feuds and impossible histories clash, with her at their center. If not for Hamal’s timely assistance, the first attempt on her life might have been the last. But even Hamal, who grew up in this strange world, can’t anticipate what’s coming.

Forced to put her faith in a stranger, Dee trains to protect herself from immortal foes. Foes even legend holds no trace. A race long written out of history. Some are with her, some against her. Little does she know one is the creator of her future—a Rishi whose wish started it all.


More Rishi’s Wish

Book 2 (parts IV-VI) We Are Forever (September 2021)

Book 3 (parts VII-IX) Wish’s Curse (Christmas 2021)

Book .5 TEN-ZERO-NINE (January 2022)

Book 4 (Parts X-XII) (April 2022)

Claiming Krinkae

a Dark Fantasy Romance Series


Claimed by the Warchief (coming October 2021)
Claimed by Shadow (December 2021)