A goal not written down is just a vague objective.

My mission…

…to write books you’ll love by creating characters you’ll want to follow through adventure after adventure.

My Writing Journey

I started writing to fill a gap in what I could find to read, most specifically when I finished Christopher Pike’s Last Vampire Series (currently re-released as the Thirst series). There weren’t so many bad-ass chick characters (that I knew of) back then, especially in the supernatural/fantasy genre. Desiree, from my soon-to-be-released The Fool’s Path Series, was initially created to continue this line of fun.

Hoping to expand my reach beyond my own mind, I’m on the lookout for others who also search for new worlds to fall into; who seek characters to walk with that spawn some connection.

The Fool’s Path Series

Desiree, or Dee as her friends know her, has since morphed into something much different from that original character contrived twenty or so years ago, but she continues to force her need to be made real. She’ll finally get her chance in the release of STUMBLING, book 1 of The Fool’s Path.

Read more about Dee’s journey to print here.