Magic Fade: A NA Fantasy Series

Upcoming New Adult Fantasy series by C.M. Martens

Tropes & Themes:

chosen one
he falls first
coming of age
found family

In the Fade (Magic Fade #1)

It was settled. Maslyn could finally go to magic school. And not just any magic academy. The prestigious Mulik, where only the best SpelFreys trained. Her strange brand of magic–magic she promises to keep secret–will finally come to good use. Use that would guarantee her top marks and a superior commission after graduation.

But starting this adventure is different from what she thought. Her best friend leaves on his own journey, stories of shadowed figures stealing people from their beds damper her excitement, and her father leaves her with a stranger as her guardian. All this only precludes the ultimate betrayal.

Forced to learn without her power, bullied by her peers, and avoiding the prince whose too-observant eye might lead to questions she can’t answer are only distractions to her real terror. Hiding in every shadow, she’s sure the masked kidnapper she barely escaped has come to claim her. This time, she isn’t strong enough to thwart him.

Maslyn must come to terms with her new place before the Wraiths find her. No longer hoping to be the best; she’s just hoping to survive.


June 27, 2023

Books in Series:

1- In the Fade

2- Faded

3- Broken Wings to Fly (working title)

4- Dragon Soul (working title)