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Rishi’s Wish

An Urban Fantasy adventure that puts a new spin on the supernatural. Start with Killing Game or the prequel, TEN-ZERO-NINE.

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I love this new world and the characters and story within. There is so much happening that I could barely put it down. This was a great read for me and I want more!

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Claiming Krinkae


A dark-fantasy saga that interweaves the lives of multiple characters over generations.

There was time before time. But who can know of it?
Those first slithering creatures who molded tracks across virgin soil, creatures so base there was no need to remember, were long gone before the First was there. The First, whose thirst for chaos and pain was unquenchable.
Those who spread from that mindless thirst were no better, led only by pain and horror and the will to dominate.
Then, a breach of light. A push of something more.
War between the dark and the light.
Light pushed back the dark.
But was light a gentler master?