Killing Game

Author C. M. Martens brings a new kind of paranormal world to life in this stunning debut.

“I love this new world and the characters and story within. There is so much happening that I could
barely put it down. This was a great read for me and I want more!”

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Rishi’s Wish: Book 1

Nightmares of fire and blood are all Desiree has to explain waking up changed. Supernaturally fast and strong, she has no memory of what happened or who’s responsible. Thinking herself safe, she focuses on making a simple life for herself…
…but the thing that did this isn’t willing to let her go.
An attack on her life by a creature of fiction is only the first. Confused and angry, Dee knows the past hidden in her psyche has caught up to her. Questions she’s avoided rule her thoughts. With no way to find answers, how will she survive?

The arrival of a mysterious stranger brings the answers she craves, but is he too good to be true? Is it safer to get rid of him? If he can show her how to stay alive, it’s worth the risk.
Hamal breaks his own rules by coming to Dee’s aid. His mission was to watch, not interfere. But there’s something about her worth putting his reputation on the line. He knows she’ll need all the help he can give. While she doesn’t know about the creatures he serves, even he has no idea what’s coming.
Thrown into a world with immortal foes—some friends, some enemies—Dee must decide the price she’ll pay for answers or if it’s better to run. Little does she know; one holds the answers to her past—a Rishi whose wish started it all.

If you love a clueless protagonist like Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan in a world rich with underground beings similar to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, this is an adventure you want to begin. Buy now and start this adventure today!

“What a fantastic debut release from this author! I loved the dialogue between characters and how real they felt.”

Nicola Rose, author of The Elwood Legacy Series

“With all the super hero and magic world stories and movies around today this story was truly so different and interesting.”

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“What a wonderful gem among new authors!”

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“I have enjoyed this series and Dee is a good MC with a difficult path to forge. I do not know where this is leading to but I will be reading to find out how everything plays out.”

Booksprout Reviewer

“From beginning to end, never a dull moment! Be careful, you may not want to put it down.”

Rishi’s Wish Reader