We Are Forever

“Dee’s journey is filled with twists and turns. It is hard to put down always wanting to know what happens next! Am so excited for the next book.”

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Rishi’s Wish: Book 2

Dee’s power sets her apart from the Soldiers she trains with. Both her similarities and differences have confused the lines of who she is, so even the Rishis remain unsure of what to make of her.
A new twist in her adventure comes to light when she’s claimed as family. Excited to finally have answers, Dee struggles to adapt to this new information.
But then Zibanitu, Hamal’s silent patron, decides it’s his role to sort things out. Dee travels to yet another location, this time visiting under lock and key. Is she a guest or a prisoner?
Friends and foes are difficult to identify. If she can hold out just a little longer, Dee’s determined she can regain control of her life. Will feelings of family overwrite her need for vengeance, or will she find death is her only option against those who are forever?