Wish’s Curse

“I enjoyed this book picking up seamlessly from where We Are Forever left us. I have enjoyed this series and Dee is a good MC with a difficult path to forge. I do not know where this is leading to but I will be reading to find out how everything plays out. I do like strong FMCs and I feel that this is a good Read! I will be waiting for Book 4!”

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Rishi’s Wish: Book 3

A year. Well, ten months. Ten months and Dee is no closer to finding her way than when she started. She can’t help but wonder if the possibility exists for her to separate her life from the fantastical. At every turn, four new obstacles rear.
Worse, Zibanitu’s plans may erase all her progress. It’s a double-edged sword to hope the other Rishis still want to play. Their curiosity might be all there is to override their leader’s claim.
When friends turn foes and enemies abound, Dee’s mental health plummets. With Hamal still absent and ostracized from the rest, apathy rears strong. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and accept her role as pawn.
Dee will continue to be pushed and pulled. Games will change. Stakes will mount. An uncovered past reveals secrets none could have guessed and could just be the thing that destroys Dee for good.