Become an Advanced Reader

Do you Have Street Team Potential?

Do you already write reviews?

Have you considered it?

Then maybe you should be an ARC reader!

What does becoming an ARC reader mean?

ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. As an ARC reader, you consent to receive free, early copies of my books to read and post a review on release day. Typically you’ll have 30-60 days to read the book. When you receive an email with the review link and reminder to post your review, you leave your review.

Intimidated by the thought of leaving a review? Don’t be. A review needs only be five words to be considered valid on Amazon, such as, “You should read this book!” or “This was a great read, and you should read it too.”

Is this something you’d like to do? Fill out the form here, and I’ll email you the link to get started.

Happy Reading 🙂


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  • Please answer the following questions in the message field:
  • Tell me your favorite book. What about your favorite character?
  • What’s your most read genre?
  • Are there books you absolutely do not like?
  • Are you confident you check your email often enough not to miss when your ARC books arrive?
  • Thank you!! Can’t wait to see you in my ARC team!