Xacier’s Prize: Galactic Courtship #1, By Lily S. Thomas

Xacier’s Prize: Galactic Courtship #1

By Lily S. Thomas

Science Fiction Romance. Erotica.

3 Stars

A quick, fun read

Xacier was once king of the proud Kell Empire, but after his cousin’s betrayal he is enslaved in the fighting arena. The only way to survive? Kill everyone and be the champion. With his strength and skill, only a few battles now stand between Xacier and his freedom, and he will stop at nothing to get out and get his revenge. But when a human woman is thrown into the arena, Xacier will find himself fighting to defend her, at the risk of losing his freedom – and his life.

Samantha is crossing the galaxy to visit her ailing mother, when she is sold to the Frirens and tossed into the middle of an arena battle. Completely out of her element, her only hope of making it out of here alive lies with the strong and ruthless alien who claims her as his prize. Winning their freedom won’t be easy, though, and even if they do make it out together, Samantha isn’t sure she’ll be able to part ways with this warrior who captured her body and her heart.

Happily ever after guaranteed! Can be read as part of the series or as a standalone romance.

Xacier’s Prize was my first experience with “SciFi Alien Romance,” and I was a fan. I liked this new perspective on this type of story.

While I liked both characters, Xacier and Samantha, I was disappointed a bit with things moving too quickly. This is a common issue I have with these kinds of books, and maybe I’m too nerdy for them, but I wanted more stretching of the story.

Xacier was great. From the beginning, he was likable and relatable and most especially, consistent. I appreciated that.

There was a portion of the story I thought a bit forced, and I was confused by its use, though I guess it was the catalyst for things to happen. Still, this point swallowed some of the rest for me.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and will be taking a look at more of Lily S. Thomas‘ work. If you’re looking for a fun, quick read with elements of action and romance, this book is for you!

Happy Reading 🙂

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