Catching Balance Update

Some tertiary characters get to come forward in book 4, many of them the females whoโ€™ve given themselves to assisting Deeโ€™s plight. Deeโ€™s Shadows, Subra and Fera, who have been by her side since Zosma assigned them her protector continue their role, while Nirah shows herself to be a great tactician. Acacia is just anContinue reading “Catching Balance Update”

A Little Mid-Week Tease

The first draft of the final book of my Fool’s Path Series is coming along. It’s possible I’m still on track for a summer release… Here’s a little teaser: Hamal blamed Porrima. If heโ€™d never let her into his apartment that evening; if heโ€™d never allowed her to open her laptop to display Zibanitu waitingContinue reading “A Little Mid-Week Tease”