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Free the Dark: Elwood Legacy Book 3

Book Review Free the Dark: Elwood Legacy Book Three by Nicola Rose 5 stars This stunning conclusion pulls no stops! The world is descending into devastating chaos. There’s a new enemy to mankind on the horizon… it’s me.I’m ready to let go of morality. It’s time to play.But how much ‘fun’ is too much when… Continue reading Free the Dark: Elwood Legacy Book 3

The Fool's Path

Did you see…

As I continually forget that I have a website, and rarely post to it, even after the claims that I will, you have probably NOT seen... Book Three of my Fool's Path series is coming April 30th! And there's even another fabulous cover! What do you think? Also- Did you know... Book One is still… Continue reading Did you see…

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Book Two has Released!

Book Two on The Fool's Path is here! Only 99 cents on Kindle! Also available on paperback through Amazon. Click the book image to get your copy. I love hearing your comments and thoughts! Scratch out a messege for me below, or contact me through my contact page (link in menu above). Happy Christmas and… Continue reading Book Two has Released!

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Hell is Figuring Out Chapter One

How Should it Begin Beginning’s are everything. Sometimes all we have is a sentence to capture a reader. I get it. There are so many books to read, how do we decide which ones are worth our time? The reader need to know their time won't be wasted... Five days from my deadline, I’m still… Continue reading Hell is Figuring Out Chapter One

The Fool's Path, Writing Journey

Who Likes Free Books?

In less than three weeks, Stumbling: Book One on The Fool's Path will release! In other words, it's time to give out some free copies! Interested? There are a few ways this can happen for you: Sign up for my Advanced Reader Copy list (you'll receive Stumbling and ARC's of all future books if you… Continue reading Who Likes Free Books?