Fine, Then I Won’t

New Year, Day One, Big changes…

Or not.

Or, at least not yet…

I’ve gotten (back) into the habit of sleeping in until 10 or 11 am wake-up. Somewhere along the way (I can’t remember ExAcTlY why at this exact moment. Probably something I heard someone say so naturally I had to enact it as it is that time of year to reform and re-construe ourselves) I decided to get up before 10.

Seriously though, I was getting a lot of work done in those hours before everyone else was awake. Especially being back in a warmer climate, it’s nice to sit on the deck before the sun turns my porch seat into a convection oven.

So, an earlier bedtime.

11 pm second wind

So after laying in bed for an hour (I did manage to get a spectacular meditation session in, which is maybe why I’m energized), I’m up, cooking bacon as a midnight snack, and opening a project I haven’t quite got nailed down yet. Maybe it’s my muse keeping me awake…

Tomorrow is another day. Maybe if I stay up all night, my bedtime will naturally be early tomorrow and this will all work itself out.

Yeah, right…

Book Review: Echo Volume 4: The Last Edge of Darkness, by Kent Wayne

Book Review

Echo Volume 4: The Last Edge of Darkness, by Kent Wayne

SciFi. Dystopian. Military.

5 stars.

A perfect conclusion to a fantastic story.

From the first, I was caught in Mr. Kent Wayne’s world of Echo. I am a sucker for SciFi military drama, and this one pushed those boundaries and added elements not typically delved into at this level. I appreciated that, though I wonder if many might find it preachy. But those people are not my problem 😉 I bring it up only because this is a review, and if you’re prone to being angry for others talking about their way that’s not your way, well, you decide.

Atriya is pushed like he’s never been, and rather than become a gregariously drawn-out beat down, it only instills the magnitude of what’s happening. I just want to talk abou tthis book with everyone. Read it. Let’s have a conversation. It’s exactly how I felt after reading Seven Surrenders and The Will to Battle by Ada Palmer. Concepts that stretch my worldview, that make me think on what I know and make me question and seek.

There are no many things to say, but I won’t add spoilers to a review, so just read this series, then get back to me. Check out all my highlights from this book on my Goodreads profile.

Happy Reading 🙂