Sharing: How To Reduce Decision Fatigue

It’s crazy how long things might sit before I get to it. This email sat in my inbox for almost a year before I actually clicked on it. I guess this was the time I needed to read this article. Maybe it will help you as well 🙂 Click the link, or read the fullContinue reading “Sharing: How To Reduce Decision Fatigue”

First Drafts Can Suk it!

Writing is hard. Like, seriously. One of my favorite quotes come from All The Bright Places and comments on said fact. Writing is so difficult that writers, having had their hell on earth, will escape all punishment hereafter. And first drafts. Seriously, they can suk it. Like, all of it. They make me wonder ifContinue reading “First Drafts Can Suk it!”

One Becomes Two Becomes Eleventy-Billion

I started a task list. Another one, if we’re being honest, but this one was meant to be more detail-oriented; to help break items down into smaller parts. The task list that might actually facilitate progress and completeness. I didn’t even realize all the things stacking up. Talk about overwhelming. One item became two becameContinue reading “One Becomes Two Becomes Eleventy-Billion”

Sharing: How I Apply My Pacing Mindset…

Dealing with diving back into figuring out book marketing and social media, I found this medium article very helpful. Maybe you will, as well 🙂 How I Apply My Pacing Mindset as a Runner to the Rest of My Life “No surge” revolutionized how I run. Then it revolutionized how I live my life. By:Continue reading “Sharing: How I Apply My Pacing Mindset…”

A Stoic Nature

I’ve followed Ryan Holiday‘s Daily Stoic newsletter for a couple of years now. When I stumbled across stoicism, it resonated with me. So many of the philosophy’s principles were how I already viewed the world, so the leap to study more was a sliding step rather than some great plummet. I recently began reading TheContinue reading “A Stoic Nature”