This moment is dedicated to gratitude. The day is beautiful, my “office” is filled with sunlight, the breeze is cool, and I’m feeling so lucky to have the life I live.

If you’ve read one of my books, thank you. If you’ve liked a post, or even just stopped by to check things out, thank you as well. If you follow me on some random platform, I hope we can connect. Drop me a line!

Be well and have a blessed day 🙂


The Hardest Part

Breaking it Down

Why is writing a synopsis the hardest part? I guess that’s why I’m not a poet. I couldn’t even get a whole story into one book…

But, I didn’t take that much time with it either. I wrote a quick blurb and just went with it. I didn’t do that with the book- why do it with the part that will hook readers into wanting to spend their time with my story? Why think that makes it “hard” because it didn’t just appear on paper? The human brain really is curious and absurd.


So, I’m working on it. Trying a few different versions. Upgrading over time. Book three is “sent,” so I’m back to book 1- to look a little closer at the nitty-gritty of getting it into more hands.

How do you deal with writing book blurbs? Is it a time-consuming process that develops over weeks, or do you just “go-with” the first thing you come up with? Maybe you hire a service to deal with it. Which one is your favorite?

Here’s the Newest Blurb For Book One:

Quiet life in small town USA is fine. Everything’s fine. Desiree takes one day at a time. As long as those days don’t ask her to face the questions buried in her faded memories, life is good. Simple. Quiet. The weird strength, speed, and agility she somehow acquired aren’t worth digging into a pain-filled past to figure out.
But the past has a way of catching up, whether we want to face it or not.
When a creature she can only label vampire attacks, Dee knows her avoidance has come to an end. Especially when, coincidentally, Hamal arrives at the same time. He has answers, and Dee doesn’t care how dangerous he might be, she wants what he knows. With her augmented strength, she can take him, right?

With a tenuous trust in a man she is sure knows more than he lets on, Dee stumbles down a path she never dreamt possible. However, there’s so much more to her story than even Hamal knows. As the truth of her world becomes harder to understand, she’s forced to accept help from the very beings that are after her. Running from faceless enemies, whom can she trust? Is there a path that will lead her from the fray, or do all roads point towards more questions?

The Fool’s Path is a series about making sense of a world that doesn’t make sense, about learning how to trust and love, especially yourself and that even among enemies, there are things to be discovered. Author C. M. Martens brings a new kind of paranormal world to life in this stunning debut.

What do you think?

Vulnerability in Art

I wrote this right before I published STUMBLING, and apparently decided not to post it. I have changed my mind on that. At least it might give you a smile. It did me, though it still holds true. My third book will release in a few days so there’s a panic thing going on at this time, too. Serendipitous? Does it matter?

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What Gets You in the Mood?

How do you get in the mood?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just don’t want to. Others, I can’t wait to jump right in.

Writing. I’m talking about writing.

So many of my story and character ideas come from dreams so a lot of times I’m skipping any morning routine I pretend to follow to get right to my laptop.

This morning I kept my morning routine but threw on a different playlist. I like fun electronica, something that’ll make breakfast a dance party. This morning, I felt like I needed to get ready for war. I’m two days from my book deadline, so uber-productivity is a must.

Cue Music

Rather than the Lorde station, or Electronic Cardio that’s my go-to, I went with ‘Do You Even Lift Bro‘ a great playlist I typically use when I go to the gym. Since I don’t go to the gym (I workout at home) it’s been a little while since I’ve put this one on. Filled with 90’s hard rock and metal, it definitely put me in the mood to beat out some words (too soon?). Let’s be real, Pantera’s Strength Beyond Strength will get anyone in the mood to kick some @ss.


Usually, my writing playlist, filled with video game scores such as Halo and Skyrim, mixed with a little chill out station, is enough to get me in the zone. Give me a pair of headphones and some music streaming service, and I’m good to go. I don’t even need a writing implement. I’ll daydream my stories to death until I get the opportunity to write them down. Today, I needed a little something extra.

How do you align with your muse?

What tool’s do you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE to be productive? Any ideas of what I’m missing out on? How can I get more in touch with inspiration? Tell me in the comments 🙂

(My streaming service of choice is currently Amazon Prime Music. I pay for prime, I figured I might as well utilize all it gives me. Sorry Pandora.)

Photo by Enoch Appiah Jr. on Unsplash

Avoidance as a Motivator

The Business of Art

Whatever thing you create, sculptures, bath toys, book marks, outfits for lizards, it has to be seen; you somehow have to let people, the more the better, know that you made that thing.

Learning the Business

There are so many webinar’s and books and classes and YouTube videos on how to effectively create marketing strategies to make money on your creation. I’ve sat through many. I’ve spent a little bit of money on a few, but still, I’m daunted by it.

I attribute this intimidation of the business side of my craft for the reason I finally finished one of my products. While I should have been mapping out a strategy for pre-sales, I was editing. Sure, editing was a thing that needed to be done, but in my allotted time for business, I was doing something else.

Avoidance a Motivator

I’m sure I should be researching marketing while I wrote this post. A lot of “learn as you go” seems real. Even the “maps” and “tools” anyone can give still comes down to us creating copy that grabs attention. As a writer, I’d hope that come naturally, but if you’ve ever read one of my book synopsis’ you might see that my knack for summing up still needs work.

Basically, I have nothing more to say but I don’t feel like figuring out ads…

So, what’s for dinner? Should we stay in, or go out?

………………….Netflix anyone?

Photo by Tonny Tran on Unsplash