Vulnerability in Art

I wrote this right before I published STUMBLING, and apparently decided not to post it. I have changed my mind on that. At least it might give you a smile. It did me, though it still holds true. My third book will release in a few days so there’s a panic thing going on at this time, too. Serendipitous? Does it matter?

With two weeks to go until my debut release, the jitters of having the public available to view my work is starting to sink in.

I think what really spawned this panic attack was this book club I joined on IG. The comments about best-selling books…! How will mine ever be received as anything but trash?! The complaints about the randomest things (the exact chosen adjectives and what would have been better, for example) have me wondering why I would ever decide to put my work out on the chopping block like that…

…but I did decide. This post is basically me taking deep breaths, or counting to ten, or whatever thing usually helps people relax…

I’m making rules for myself. Things like: Don’t read reviews. Sometimes that becomes: Don’t read negative reviews, but I think just ALL reviews.

If I adhere to this arbitrary advice, will I miss out on some things that might make my work better? Or should I continue to fixate on creating work that I like; that those few who I send it off to read before the publishing dates like it. Is that really all that’s necessary to concentrate on, as the rest will fall into place?

Whoa! Still not relaxed here.

Then, I just came across another indie authors book which is just like mine. This is bound to happen, but has only added fuel to my freak out. “There is no original story.” Sure, sure, but who likes to see it?!

*Deep breath*

…Thank you for listening…

-End Rant-

Anyone else relate?
Photo by Jeremy Lishner on Unsplash

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