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…plus thirty pounds

So many accomplishments! Last June, I (self)published my first novel. Since then, I've published three more (one under a pseudonym). Four total novels in less than a year. Yay me! Sure, two-and-a-half of those books were the split of a project I'd been working on for twenty years, but I don't think that takes much… Continue reading …plus thirty pounds

Ranting Thought, Writing Journey

Vulnerability in Art

I wrote this right before I published STUMBLING, and apparently decided not to post it. I have changed my mind on that. At least it might give you a smile. It did me, though it still holds true. My third book will release in a few days so there's a panic thing going on at… Continue reading Vulnerability in Art

Writing Journey

What Gets You in the Mood?

How do you get in the mood? I don't know about you, but sometimes I just don't want to. Others, I can't wait to jump right in. Writing. I'm talking about writing. So many of my story and character ideas come from dreams so a lot of times I'm skipping any morning routine I pretend… Continue reading What Gets You in the Mood?

Writing Journey

Avoidance as a Motivator

The Business of Art Whatever thing you create, sculptures, bath toys, book marks, outfits for lizards, it has to be seen; you somehow have to let people, the more the better, know that you made that thing. Learning the Business There are so many webinar's and books and classes and YouTube videos on how to… Continue reading Avoidance as a Motivator

Writing Journey

Tear It From My Soul

Beware: Rant ahead Gah! These doubt demons are killing me today! Editing book three... there's quite a step outside the line of what the story has been so far... I feel like it's true to the journey... but I know people are going to have some issues... I'm trying not to worry about it. I'm… Continue reading Tear It From My Soul

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Book Two has Released!

Book Two on The Fool's Path is here! Only 99 cents on Kindle! Also available on paperback through Amazon. Click the book image to get your copy. I love hearing your comments and thoughts! Scratch out a messege for me below, or contact me through my contact page (link in menu above). Happy Christmas and… Continue reading Book Two has Released!