Magic Fade: In the Fade

Finally! I finished a project…

It was going to be my Dark Fantasy series to release first this year. But that one is still growing. It’s just not quite ready, and I won’t rush it.

But Magic Fade is ready! Book 1 will release June 27th 🙂 ARC’s go out this week!

What is Magic Fade, you say?

In the Fade, book 1 of my Magic Fade series, will follow Maslyn, a girl born with superior magic skills who dreams only of becoming Siela’s next savior. First, she must graduate from a prestigious SpelFrey academy to prove to the Emperor she’s worthy of such a title.

Mulik is that school. Excited, finally granted permission by her father, Maslyn wakes the day before the term will start with her power gone.


Stay tuned for more teasers and quotes.

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