Do you know??

I get that there are a lot of books out there. I’m currently looking at three lifetimes to finish my current book reading list, and there are still many years in my life left to add more. That doesn’t mean I should stop adding books. And like I’m not stopping, I feel you should keep looking to add to your library, as well. Especially if said books are very budget-friendly.

For example, Killing Game has just become permanently free on Amazon and is available for $0 across most platforms (including Nook). We Are Forever, the next book in the series, is only 99c, and about to be available on all platforms as well. Books 3 and 4 are locked into Amazon until April, but they are free to read on KU, or just $1.99 and $2.99 to buy. If you are one of the 30% not jacked into Amazon’s market, they’ll become available for you this summer.

Want a creepier, more suspenseful read? Ten-Zero-Nine tells of Dee’s origins for just $1.99 on all platforms.

So, why wait? Adding books to our libraries only shows how prolific and better than everyone we are.

That’s right- it’s our favorite day!

No, not Friday (though I know many of us are excited about that), it’s RELEASE DAY!!

That’s right, there is a new book for you to cozy up with around the pool or at the beach or in your favorite, quiet corner.

Killing Game

All she wants to do is live. But she finds living isn’t enough. Control. That’s what’s important.

Desiree doesn’t want to remember the terrible event that gave her super strength and speed. Whatever it was left her friends dead. She’s accepted she won’t remember. She’s content with moving forward, living a life of quiet isolation.

But how often do we get what we want?

Ambushed on the silent streets of her hometown, Dee is pushed into a world as impossible as it is unbelievable. Ancient feuds and impossible histories clash, with her at their center. If not for Hamal’s timely assistance, the first attempt on her life might have been the last. But even Hamal, who grew up in this strange world, can’t anticipate what’s coming.

Forced to put her faith in a stranger, Dee trains to protect herself from immortal foes. Foes even legend holds no trace. A race long written out of history. Some are with her, some against her. Little does she know one is the creator of her future—a Rishi whose wish started it all.

If you’re a book reviewer, and would like a review copy, let me know! Contact me, or leave me a comment 🙂

Happy Reading 🙂

Souljacker, Lily Bound #1

Book Review


By: Yasmine Galenorn
Urban Fantasy
2 Stars

Lily O’Connell, a succubus, owns Lily Bound, an elite sex salon in the Blood Night District of Seattle. When a client is murdered in her house, a patch of skin missing from his chest, she knows there’s something evil afoot. Then comes the news that the Souljacker—a tattoo-artist-turned-vampire—has escaped from an institution for criminally deranged Supernaturals. And he’s hunting and killing everyone he has ever inked.

With one of the Souljacker’s tattoos on her thigh and nowhere else to turn, Lily hires Archer Desmond, a chaos demon and PI, to help her track down the vampire before he finds her and her friends. But Lily didn’t plan to fall for Archer. And as the old tales say—a succubus who falls in love will destroy the heart of the one she seeks to claim.

The main character of this series is a Succubus, with a Chaos Demon lover. How can that not be good?

This is exactly what I thought when I decided to start on Lily’s journey. If I hadn’t been listening to it at work, where I’m suited up and unable to easily stop the player and change it to something else, I probably wouldn’t have even finished it.

Trite. That sums it all up. It was the word that kept exploding in my head as I mentally groaned at the pure uninspired telling of what should have been a fantastic UF tale. Yasmine Gaelnorn uses all the right keywords but just can’t pull it off. There are Bisexual tones, with erotic sex scenes, witches, vampires, and Fae, and did I mention Succubus and Chaos Demon? I can’t say it enough: how can this not be good?

This centuries-old creature apparently has zero life experience to draw from when the shit hits the fan. The only time in centuries of living, of hiding, among humans, does anything happen is for the purposes of this book. Ugh. It was just all too cliche. And I love cliche. I don’t even think it was cliche, now that I say that. It was just so non-imaginative. Is there a word for that? Uninventive? Trite.

And how is a Chaos Demon not hot, and fun, and just everything great about urban fantasy? Well, he’s not. And the sex scenes weren’t even great. The book’s main character is a succubus. “Need sex now?” “Yes, please.” “Okay, excuse us for a few minutes.” Trite.

Basically, read any other Urban Fantasy book.

Book Review: Delivering Evil for Experts (The Guild Codex: Demonized, #4)

Book Review

Delivering Evil for Experts, Book 4 of The Guild Code: Demonized

By: Annette Marie

5 Stars

A Great Magic System and unique take on Magical Realism

I promised to avenge my parents.

But their killer is still on the loose, and he’s stolen more than my parents’ lives. Now, as he draws closer to his mysterious goals, he’s poised to destroy what little I have left.

I promised to translate an ancient grimoire.

But it holds the secrets of my family—and the secret history of demon summoning. I fear its answers as much as I need them. Who was the foremother of Demonica…and who am I?

I promised to send my demon home.

But the way he watches me, the way he protects me, the way he touches me⁠—how can I cast him away forever? I swore I would do this for him, but can I? Should I?

But I promised—and I will keep my promises even if they cost me my heart, my soul, and my life.

This series was adorable. I loved our main Miss Nerd forced to become a power to save herself and especially loved the slow-burn romance I kept changing my mind on. Some days, I thought ‘Don’t do it!’ while others had me hope things worked out. I also enjoyed that the romance angle didn’t overshadow the story. I appreciated the entire world and magic system. Definitely my favorite of the series.

THE GUILD CODEX: Demonized Series:
Taming Demons for Beginners (#1)
Slaying Monsters for the Feeble (#2)
Hunting Fiends for the Ill-Equipped (#3)
Delivering Evil for Experts (#4)