Author C. M. Martens

After a terrible fire leaves her friends dead, Desiree finds herself back in the house she grew up in, avoiding life. With no memory of what happened, her gut tells her the event has something to with the supernatural strength, speed, and endurance she now has. Rather than face her guilt-ridden grief, she hides in her ignorance.

When something that shouldn’t be real tackles her to the dirt she can no longer avoid her past. Following the creature through the night, she’s drawn into a world she never imagined possible. Forced to trust the arrogant stranger who conveniently shows up to save her leaves Desiree wondering where to turn. What will the price be for his answers? And can they even be believed?

As the truth of her world becomes harder to understand, she’s forced to use the very beings that are after her to supply her with explanations that might plug the holes in her memories, and maybe even allow her closure to move forward with her life. Will she be allowed to choose this forward path? Or be forced to move as dictated by the overseers of a long lost culture?

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