Author C. M. Martens

Writing is Hard

read part 1 of this series here Can We Just Do This Thing, Please It seems so simple. Just sit down and put to paper those thoughts that are streaming through your head. When they’ve all come out, you’ll have a complete story.

Stumbling Book Trailer

Stumbling Book One on The Fool’s Path I thought a book trailer might be fun. What do you think?

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The Journey of the Fool This series has been marinating in my head for some weeks, ever since my appearance on KimmersBooks Podcast. The question of inspiration; of where our stories rise up from and the process in which they get written, is common, but I’ve never told mine in its completion. In this series,…

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Who Likes Free Books?

In less than three weeks, Stumbling: Book One on The Fool’s Path will release! In other words, it’s time to give out some free copies! Interested? There are a few ways this can happen for you: Sign up for my Advanced Reader Copy list (you’ll receive Stumbling and ARC’s of all future books if you…

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Pre-Order Stumbling

Pre-ordering for Stumbling is now available for Amazon Kindle. If you’re not a Kindle or Kindle App user, no worries, the book will be available in paperback, as well as on Nook, iBooks, and other fabulous ebook services 🙂 Get Chapter One FREE here. Pre-Order here. Stumbling is currently listed on Goodreads. Click “want to…

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