A Little Mid-Week Tease

The first draft of the final book of my Fool’s Path Series is coming along. It’s possible I’m still on track for a summer release…

Here’s a little teaser:

Once upon a time, this story wanted to be a graphic novel.

Hamal blamed Porrima. If he’d never let her into his apartment that evening; if he’d never allowed her to open her laptop to display Zibanitu waiting to speak with him, he might never had taken the simple mission of watching some plain girl. Underestimated. Underplayed. Underwhelmed. Underpaid. So many unders he could associate with everything that had happened since that day. Even the girls he’d met, the girls he’d used to distract himself from his growing attraction to the girl that could never be his had been under. Just like this mission. Underplanned. Underscouted. Undermanned. Un-FUBAR-able.”

Hamal is Dee’s first guardian; her mentor. A human among superior beings, he knows Dee will need more than the help he can give. But he can’t help putting his neck out for her, despite knowing that path will only lead to trouble.

Catching Balance is Book 4 of 4.5. Check the series page here.

Are you a fair reviewer? Message me to get copies 🙂

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