Find out Dee’s true beginnings in…


A Story on the Fringe of The Fool’s Path
Ten-Zero-Nine can be read as a stand-alone story, or at any time when reading The Fool’s Path Series. Its suggested place is between Crashing Down and Catching Balance, Books 3 and 4 on The Fool’s Path Series.

Some things you can’t take back.

All Steve wanted was to tell the girl of his dreams how he felt about her.

And he finally had.
Today was that day. A day engineered with no distractions. A day for just the two of them. No roommates. No cowardice. No second-guessing that the friendship they’d built over the last year wasn’t more.

Today was the day his hellish existence would move into the light.

It shouldn’t be possible for everything to change so fast. That from one second to the next, he could go from steering his own future to watching it crash down around him.

The secret experiment he’d been blackmailed into working on with his best friend, Ray, had bled into his real life. They’d promised each other that despite all the horrid things they had to endure, despite all the awful things they forced onto others, they would not bring their messed-up lives home.

But when the last of their human subjects died, they were out of options.

Roped into kidnapping the love of his life, Steve’s moment of bliss turns nightmare.
Each day more torturous than the last, he watches his love, induced coma keeping her asleep, wondering what it is they’re inflicting on her. Always secret, Steve wished he’d tried harder to understand what it was they were doing in the lab. He wished he knew what the experiment was doing to her.

When she wakes, when she finally comes to, the first ever to survive, Steve wants to take it all back. The nightmare he’d been living was nothing compared to this.