Avoidance as a Motivator

The Business of Art

Whatever thing you create, sculptures, bath toys, book marks, outfits for lizards, it has to be seen; you somehow have to let people, the more the better, know that you made that thing.

Learning the Business

There are so many webinar’s and books and classes and YouTube videos on how to effectively create marketing strategies to make money on your creation. I’ve sat through many. I’ve spent a little bit of money on a few, but still, I’m daunted by it.

I attribute this intimidation of the business side of my craft for the reason I finally finished one of my products. While I should have been mapping out a strategy for pre-sales, I was editing. Sure, editing was a thing that needed to be done, but in my allotted time for business, I was doing something else.

Avoidance a Motivator

I’m sure I should be researching marketing while I wrote this post. A lot of “learn as you go” seems real. Even the “maps” and “tools” anyone can give still comes down to us creating copy that grabs attention. As a writer, I’d hope that come naturally, but if you’ve ever read one of my book synopsis’ you might see that my knack for summing up still needs work.

Basically, I have nothing more to say but I don’t feel like figuring out ads…

So, what’s for dinner? Should we stay in, or go out?

………………….Netflix anyone?

Photo by Tonny Tran on Unsplash

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