Fine, Then I Won’t

New Year, Day One, Big changes…

Or not.

Or, at least not yet…

I’ve gotten (back) into the habit of sleeping in until 10 or 11 am wake-up. Somewhere along the way (I can’t remember ExAcTlY why at this exact moment. Probably something I heard someone say so naturally I had to enact it as it is that time of year to reform and re-construe ourselves) I decided to get up before 10.

Seriously though, I was getting a lot of work done in those hours before everyone else was awake. Especially being back in a warmer climate, it’s nice to sit on the deck before the sun turns my porch seat into a convection oven.

So, an earlier bedtime.

11 pm second wind

So after laying in bed for an hour (I did manage to get a spectacular meditation session in, which is maybe why I’m energized), I’m up, cooking bacon as a midnight snack, and opening a project I haven’t quite got nailed down yet. Maybe it’s my muse keeping me awake…

Tomorrow is another day. Maybe if I stay up all night, my bedtime will naturally be early tomorrow and this will all work itself out.

Yeah, right…

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