Between Two Doors: Borderline Series Book 1, By Taya DeVere

Between Two Doors: Borderline Series Book 1

By Taya DeVere

Women’s Fiction. Literary. Contemporary Fiction.

5 Stars.

Gripping, Heart-wrenching, and perfectly paced.

One door promises freedom, the other safety. Which one would you choose?
Depressed and abandoned after my father dies, I’m sent to a therapy center where I must decide between two doors.
Behind one door awaits life in my home country where I will continue to scramble through a tangle of mistakes and a poisonous relationship, but old and new friendships alike may be my salvation.
Escape lies behind the second door, where I can run away to an unknown country far away where demanding physical labor will push aside my inner demons. This door could be a fresh start.
The “Borderline” series tells two tales, of two parallel realities, based on one true story.

Taya DeVere understands “trust the reader.” She pulls us along with perfectly factored information without bogging us down in descriptive histories that would only stall the pace of the novel. I was forced to slow myself down to not flip pages too quickly and ruin the story. I just wanted to know what was going to happen!!

The heart-wrenching struggles of the MC are real, powerful and relatable even as I’ve never experienced what she was going through. Well done! The straightforward telling of events, without reason or excuse or fluffed meanderings of explanation make this experience perfect for the reader. I was in this story, and while I typically shy away from “real life” tellings (I’m a fantasy/sci-fi girl as I like my fiction fiction) I would recommend this book to everyone. I even ravaged the pages we were given to as a teaser for book two. Unnecessary, by the way- I’m already hooked!

Happy Reading 🙂

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