Kid’s Corner Book Review: Hour of the Olympics

Book Review

Hour of the Olympics: Magic Tree House Book 16

By Mary Pope Osborne

StarReader gives it 5 Stars

No girls allowed at the Olympic Games! That’s the rule when the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to ancient Greece. But when Annie tells jack to go to the games without her, he knows she’s up to something. Will Annie find a way to see the games? Or will she get herself—and Jack—into Olympic-size trouble? Find out in Hour of the Olympics.

I read a book called Hour of the Olympics, Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne. The book is good because it talks about life in Ancient Greece.

Jack and Annie travel to Ancient Greece in a magic tree house and find themselves in the middle of the Olympics. When Annie finds out that the law states girls aren’t allowed in the Olympics, she was determined to get in.

I enjoyed how this book was adventurous. I also liked how the book gave facts about Ancient Greek and the Greek gods.
This book is also perfect for a bedtime story. The chapters are fairly short.
The Magic Tree House Series is a great series to read. I do enjoy when they go in the tree house and go back in time.

For more information of the magic tree house books go to

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