Book Review: Twisted Ginni

Book Review

Twisted Ginni

By: Nicola Rose

supernatural, dark fantasy, reverse harem
5 Stars

Some call me Djinn. Some call me Genie. Some call me Demon.

I only ever get to call them one thing — Master.

Only, this time, it’s not one master, it’s three.

Three beautifully haunted and damaged men, fleeing from the satanic cult that raised them. The apocalypse is coming, horsemen and all. If they don’t stop it, their bodies will become nothing more than meat-suits to Princes of Hell. Demons that are already seeping into their beings, battling for control.

Can I help them?

Well, that depends on how nicely they treat me. You see, I’m not a very good genie. I don’t like following orders, I’m partial to twisting up my owner’s emotions for kicks, and I’m running from my own apocalyptic fate — an eternity in purgatory for the crime of murdering a previous owner. Oops.

They’re about to learn that summoning me brings a whole lot of fresh hell with it. If any of us survive this mess, it’ll be a miracle.

By far, Ms. Rose’s best work to date!

A trio of the perfect blend of alpha-asshole, calm center, and beautifully-broken soul all wrapped in a fantastically crafted story. Ms. Rose makes us crave an understanding of the basest desires of these battered souls caught in their destiny, all while enjoying Ginni’s fun with it.

This is my favorite kind of romance; a little dark, a little twisted, and all story driven. This book would have been great even without the troupe 🙂 I cared about the characters. I was intrigued about their pasts that led to each characters present, and I especially felt the heartache throughout. Real, visceral reaction to the reader comes time after time in this delicious story.

A page turner, I was caught from the first. Never was there a chance I could put this one down, reading right until the end. And what an end! Jaw dropping, tear-falling surprise, followed by another and another, until you’re not sure if you can handle any more. Don’t worry, you’ll be happy you kept on. Trust me.

Happy Reading 🙂

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