The Irony of the Law of Unintended Consequences

The changes in social movement have effected all our lives. Whether by a lot, or not, is for each of us to determine on our own. For the most part, my life is not a lot different. I’ve been blessed to be able to work from home for the last few years, and while I had planned to go back to work right before the original U.S. outbreak shut down the states, my introverted hombodiedness was already used to being shut in. (I know a lot of us call ourselves introverts, but you should talk to me before you label yourself one 😉 I had this not leaving the house thing down way before it was forced on us).

Photo by Stanley Dai on Unsplash

COVID did change my plans, though. Six days before shutdown, we were about to sign the lease on our first apartment together. We’ve lived together for years, but always with roommates or as guests as we traveled back and forth, up and down the East Coast. Not being absolutely positive on our timetable (and not loving the apartment), we stalled. Best decision ever.

But I couldn’t wait around anymore. I couldn’t sit in Florida, feeling trapped. So, back to NY to visit my sister and see what might happen. Well, nothing happened. Still in shut down. Still unable to do the work we could do. Now, we’re still here, in NY, facing another winter when we swore, three years ago, we never would again.

Here’s where the irony plays out. This time, making the conscious decision to deal with a CNY winter, we told ourselves we weren’t going to sit around complaining about the snow and cold. We were going to embrace it, and involve ourselves in winter things. The ideas were to snowshoe and/or cross-country ski (lots of open land around my sister’s place). We shot down the idea of snowboarding or downhill skiing because of cost factors. Also, Jason says he’s too big to hurl himself down a mountain at speed where he will inevitably fall and probably break himself. Fair.

Cool. We have winter activities planned around our attitude adjustment. Leveling up. Yay.

It’s now January, and there has been one good snowfall. I’m not complaining, just pointing out the irony. Finally ready for snow, and there is no snow. I know it’s early in the season here in CNY. I’ve seen six foot snow drifts in April. My main hatred of winter is having to drive in the flash snowstorms that happen in lake effect areas. Nothing I’ve ever done is important enough to be out on the roads. Too bad my employers never felt the same. Again, irony. I’m not working out of the house. I don’t have to be on the roads, and it’s the perfect year for it.

I am about to start working, about to start having to leave the house. I’m sure winter will hard then 😉 At least I’ll finally be able to justify new winter pants and jacket 🙂

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