…plus thirty pounds

So many accomplishments!

Last June, I (self)published my first novel. Since then, I’ve published three more (one under a pseudonym). Four total novels in less than a year. Yay me! Sure, two-and-a-half of those books were the split of a project I’d been working on for twenty years, but I don’t think that takes much away from this.

Pat on the back complete

In that time, I also managed to gain thirty pounds. Well, I was up fifteen from when I quit my gym life, than add another twenty. Add the weight I lost and gained back, well with that math it’s much more than thirty, so lets just keep this PG.

It’s great that I finally found the courage to put my stories out in the world. I love the days of falling into my creations, of spending hours at my keyboard crafting adventures. But I crashed, hard, into the downside of this life. There were days I got less than five hundred steps IN THE WHOLE DAY. I just stopped wearing my FitBit. Who needs that kind of negativity in their life?

I’ve been trying to be better. Trying to make sure I don’t skip physical activity time. I’m a month ON. I started in January- that lasted three weeks. I re-started in February. Was it even a day? This last attempt is good. Real good (I know, my way with words astounds you).

Much of this success is due to pictures of myself I saw after a recent trip to Disney. I can’t even look at them. When did I get so chubby! Oh yeah, this past year…

That did it though. Rather than share my great time with my visiting sister at Epcot and Animal Kingdom, I buried the pictures in the deleted folder of my phone. I don’t like that. I don’t like that I had to get rid of most of my wardrobe because I couldn’t wear it anymore. You’d think that would have been my first motivator. Eh. For a few seconds, but cookies…

How do you stay on track?

What’s your biggest struggle with spawning fiction? Do you let your work overwhelm you?

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