Free the Dark: Elwood Legacy Book 3

Book Review

Free the Dark: Elwood Legacy Book Three

by Nicola Rose

5 stars

This stunning conclusion pulls no stops!

The world is descending into devastating chaos. There’s a new enemy to mankind on the horizon… it’s me.

I’m ready to let go of morality. It’s time to play.

But how much ‘fun’ is too much when you’ve accidentally triggered the vampire apocalypse?! Are there any lines left that shouldn’t be crossed?

There’s a brand new hunger under my skin, and it wants more. More of Alex’s darkness, more of Zac’s light—

The two don’t go together, but that doesn’t stop the pull in my chest, or the ravenous shadowy beat that strikes a constant melody in my soul, driving me forward, destruction in my wake.

Can I really side with vampires and stand by as humanity is lost?

Because once that darkness is set free, pulling it back might be beyond my capabilities…

Just wow! This conclusion gave me everything I wanted. Dark romance, twisted love, hard choices, harder consequences, and a finale that leaves room for more! The best one yet.

Not to mention the rebrand of this series! Check out the new covers! Well done!

I’m looking forward to new adventures from Nicola Rose.

Happy Reading 🙂

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