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Writing Journey

What Gets You in the Mood?

How do you get in the mood? I don't know about you, but sometimes I just don't want to. Others, I can't wait to jump right in. Writing. I'm talking about writing. So many of my story and character ideas come from dreams so a lot of times I'm skipping any morning routine I pretend… Continue reading What Gets You in the Mood?

Writing Journey

Avoidance as a Motivator

The Business of Art Whatever thing you create, sculptures, bath toys, book marks, outfits for lizards, it has to be seen; you somehow have to let people, the more the better, know that you made that thing. Learning the Business There are so many webinar's and books and classes and YouTube videos on how to… Continue reading Avoidance as a Motivator

Ranting Thought

Find yourself a little over-chocolated…

Need some time away from the bunnies? Chocolate hangover? Download Book One of The Fool's Path right here on my website. Click the link in the menu above or go --> HERE <-- Let me know how many colored eggs you found! I haven't done an Easter egg hunt in years. I feel I may… Continue reading Find yourself a little over-chocolated…

The Fool's Path

Did you see…

As I continually forget that I have a website, and rarely post to it, even after the claims that I will, you have probably NOT seen... Book Three of my Fool's Path series is coming April 30th! And there's even another fabulous cover! What do you think? Also- Did you know... Book One is still… Continue reading Did you see…

Ranting Thought

Fine, Then I Won’t

New Year, Day One, Big changes… Or not. Or, at least not yet... I've gotten (back) into the habit of sleeping in until 10 or 11 am wake-up. Somewhere along the way (I can't remember ExAcTlY why at this exact moment. Probably something I heard someone say so naturally I had to enact it as… Continue reading Fine, Then I Won’t

Book Reviews

Book Review: Echo Volume 4: The Last Edge of Darkness, by Kent Wayne

Book Review Echo Volume 4: The Last Edge of Darkness, by Kent Wayne SciFi. Dystopian. Military. 5 stars. A perfect conclusion to a fantastic story. From the first, I was caught in Mr. Kent Wayne's world of Echo. I am a sucker for SciFi military drama, and this one pushed those boundaries and added elements… Continue reading Book Review: Echo Volume 4: The Last Edge of Darkness, by Kent Wayne