Shadows of McComb, by Sarah Squires

Book Review: Shadows of McComb

By Sarah Squires

5 Stars

Literary Fiction. Suspense. Novella.

So Real, I don’t believe it’s not biographical.

How far would you go to save your mother’s life?

Haunted by her father’s suicide, Bern Baylor vowed to keep her mother alive at all costs. When her mother is brutally beaten by the vicious drug dealer Shooter Jennings, Bern offers to work off her mother’s debt.

As she is dragged deeper into Shoot’s dangerous trade, Bern adopts his skill at cunning manipulation and his questionable moral code. If she makes it out alive, will Bern be able to live with the steep cost of saving her mother?

This literary suspense novella with a strong female protagonist will have you holding your breath until the end.

I don’t typically read this type of fiction, and novellas aren’t my thing either, but as the author is a friend of my sisters, I had to give this a shot.

This book was great! On every level, it delivered. Superb dialogue, real characters and a setting that was easily envisioned, I found myself wondering if this wasn’t actually a story told from first-hand accounts.

Love a well paced and perfectly crafted story? This one is for you!


Happy Reading 🙂

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