Taste the Dark: Elwood Legacy, Book 1, by Nicola Rose

Book Review: Taste the Dark: Elwood Legacy Book 1

By Nicola Rose

4 Stars

Paranormal Romance. Erotica.

I couldn’t help but love the Elwood boys! Can’t wait for more.

One reckless girl and two vampire brothers – battling forces of love over lust, and light over dark…


I killed my parents. I didn’t mean to, I don’t think. I can’t really remember.

I can’t remember much from the years that followed either, other than an endless stream of bad decisions, generally involving alcohol, drugs and bad boys. My new job in a new town signified a turning point – time to sort myself out.

What I hadn’t anticipated was the 6ft package of brooding, inked-up perfection who started stalking me. And don’t even mention the equally hot brother crawling around under my skin…

They radiate danger, it flows around them like a seductive spell; and danger is my favourite word.


I was doing a pretty good job at balancing on the fine line between light and dark, blurring the edges and living in the grey. But then dead vampires started piling up around me and the Bael gave me a ticking countdown to fix it.

Now she’s arrived. Four seconds – the moment I saw her – that’s how long it took to know that she’d simultaneously bring heaven and hell to my door. I don’t even know what she is, but I know I crave her.

Falling for a human girl has left me teetering on the verge of collapse. This could be just the ammo my brother needs to nudge me over the edge and into oblivion.

Taste the Dark is a full-length paranormal romance/urban fantasy, intended for adult audiences. It contains coarse language and explicit steamy scenes. Expect a lot of heat and a little darkness, because romance isn’t always sweet.

Book one in the Elwood Legacy series.

Every aspect of this book, I was a fan. The setting of a secluded spring break town, the firefighter profession of Jess, the dichotomy of the Elwood brothers, and of course, the love-triangle that’s reminiscent of the Vampire Diaries, only with a darker setting that makes it an even greater ride. I even liked that I didn’t like the main character. Her self-destructive tendencies and willful behavior bordering on suicidal was sometimes like watching a train-wreck. I just couldn’t look away, even while my insides cringed.

Steamy and sexy, I was pulled along by the antics of Jess and the reactions of Zac to those img_0202antics. Playing a dangerous game she can’t help but continue, I found the girl infuriating, while also understanding that she was perfect for those who found her so enticing. Whether she would eventually relax or drive them to madness, caused the pages to move in a blur. *wicked grin*

I’m a fan of the “I should, I shouldn’t” pull of characters who know better but can’t help themselves. Taste the Dark gives so much of that I was in heaven. I found myself moving back and forth between what I hoped would happen. The pages couldn’t turn fast enough so I could find out what camp Ms. Rose would leave us in. I wasn’t disappointed, though I couldn’t have been, when any option was one I’d hoped for at some point 😉

So many secondary plots interweaving with the story, this was the perfect “Book One.” There’s so much more to tell. So much more to know. I’m looking forward to Book 2…

Happy Reading 🙂

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