Author C. M. Martens

Taste the Dark: Elwood Legacy, Book 1, by Nicola Rose

Book Review: Taste the Dark: Elwood Legacy Book 1 By Nicola Rose 4 Stars Paranormal Romance. Erotica. I couldn’t help but love the Elwood boys! Can’t wait for more. One reckless girl and two vampire brothers – battling forces of love over lust, and light over dark… Jess I killed my parents. I didn’t mean…

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A Shining in the Shadows, Book 2 of The Gabriel Davenport Series, by Beverley Lee

Book Review A Shining in the Shadows: The Gabriel Davenport Series, Book 2, by Beverley Lee 4.5 Stars Fiction. Thriller. Horror. Suspense. Dark Fantasy. Pulls you in and when it’s over, you need more. Menacing dark fantasy and paranormal suspense combine in the second book of this reader acclaimed supernatural series (Gabriel Davenport) from British…

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