Instagram Challenge

I started an Instagram Challenge this month, then thought it might be fun to share those posts here.


Join along with us! Follow the above hashtag to find the daily posts. Find me @author_cmmartens

Day 1: Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, or none of the above

I am a Christmas gal. It’s my favorite time of year, snow and all. It’s the only time of year I’m glad for snow and not cry over cold weather. Growing up in a temperate climate, it just doesn’t seem right not to have a “white Christmas.”

Day 2: What are your writing goals as the year comes to an end?

This one was easy for me- I hit my goals! Book Two is on schedule to release on Christmas Day, and Book Three is well underway. I’ve also made some major decisions about the state of my “marketing” profile. I’m excited for what’s to come, and even more excited about the projects I have on deck and my capability to complete them.

Day 3: Introduce the main character(s) of your WIP or your fav of the year.

My current main Work in Progress is The Fool’s Path series. Book One released in July, and Book Two is set to come out on Christmas Day.

Desiree “Dee” Galen is my MC. She’s a little bit of a spaz, completely unsure of her world, and even less sure about how she should move through said world. The Fool’s Path follows her along her journey as she learns about herself, her past and tries to figure out a future that belongs solely to her.


What’s on your agenda?

I’d love to hear from you, about your projects and goals. Send me a comment, or DM 🙂

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