Instagram Challenge

Hmm… I guess my pledge to blog a little more daily went right out the other ear…

But, here I am with more recaps from Instagram! As well as an update on Book Two of my Fool’s Path series!

Falling Forward Release…

…is now Thursday the 20th, rather than (instead of?) December 25th. That’s ThIs Thursday! Available on Kindle and paperback through Amazon 🙂

Back to Our “Regularly” Scheduled Posting


Days 15, 16, & 17

How’d I get so behind! (Don’t answer that)

Day 15: Do you write best in the morning, evening, or in between?

I don’t have a favorite time of day. As long as I’ve mined out distractions I’m good anytime 🤓

Day 16: How are your December goals coming along?

Killing it!! My second book’s release has been pushed up a week so you can all get your hands on it on Thursday (December 20th)! That’s TWO books this year I published!! Book three is well on its way, as well as another project I’ve decided to tackle under a pseudonym.

Day 17: what’s the favorite thing about your MC or WIP?

I love that Dee follows the Hero’s path, basically literally. Book 1 has her in this place where she has no idea what’s going on- and she’s good with that. Then, as things unfold she’s forced to figure things out or risk being a pawn for others.

📝Tell me about your WIP! 📝

And follow along with me: @author_CMMartens

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