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Instagram Challenge

Hmm... I guess my pledge to blog a little more daily went right out the other ear... But, here I am with more recaps from Instagram! As well as an update on Book Two of my Fool's Path series! Falling Forward Release... now Thursday the 20th, rather than (instead of?) December 25th. That's ThIs… Continue reading Instagram Challenge

Writing Journey

It’s Not A Flowing River…

…more like trickling spittle that takes it's time to build into a drainage ditch, then a cute little creek, before raging as something resembling flow. For YEARS- I was writing a book. Really, what that meant was that I had an idea I had started but I just wasn't "feeling it" so I never actually… Continue reading It’s Not A Flowing River…

Writing Journey

The End of the Beginning

The End of the Beginning When my editor finished highlighting the oversights I'd missed in Book One, I found myself renewed in my task of telling this story in its best possible way. So, I set to refining those last details of my piece. It was the first time I really felt like an artist.… Continue reading The End of the Beginning

Book Reviews

Fate of the Ashers, The Petros Chronicles Book 3, by Diana Tyler

Fate of the Ashers: The Petros Chronicles Book 3 By Diana Tyler Young Adult. Fantasy. Mythology. 3 Stars Seriously, the best ending EvEr They thought the war was over, but it was only just beginning… One month after Chloe’s victory over Mania, everything seems back to normal. Actually, it’s better than normal. For one thing,… Continue reading Fate of the Ashers, The Petros Chronicles Book 3, by Diana Tyler

Writing Journey

Brainstorming Tactics

Our Obsession with Notebooks An introvert by nature, it's been nice to find like-minded people through the #bookstagram and #writersfollowwriters community on Instagram. One thing I've noticed in this culture of creatives is that my (ex)obsession with all things journals, notebook, and pen related items is (was) not unique. Watching so many great ways others'… Continue reading Brainstorming Tactics