“Instructors could teach the basic techniques and methods, but a mastery of mechanical knowledge could never make a person an artist. No one could teach creativity or invention. A spark needed to come from within. It must be something unique, something discovered by the individual, a leap of understanding, a burst of insight, the combining of common elements in an unexpected way.” -Riyria Chronicles

The Wolf Queen, By Adrian Tilling

Book Review of The Wolf Queen, By Adrian Tilling

Teen Fantasy.

3 Stars

A fun Story with a little bit of everything.

Laneyth is home to the Ozera family and an impending rebellion. To save his country, King Svetozar sends an invitation to William Starker, a young but well-known general. William strikes a friendship with Channin Ozera, heir to the throne. Together, the girl in the orchard and the boy on the battlefield will start a fire that may just consume all Laneyth.

The Wolf Queen, by Adrian Tilling was a fun, classic fantasy tale. I felt like I was reading a some side story of Morrowwind!

I enjoyed the third person multiple perspective. I hear most are not a fan of this, and I’ve found it seems to have dropped out of favor in the publishing world, but I enjoy it. It always makes the story move along smoothly, as if I’m watching it from the outside, rather than forced behind a single POV.

There were some technical problems along the way. Structural, more than grammer, etc which hitched the story a bit and brought my rating to 3 stars rather than 4. Some smoothing of the narration or something needed to be done to bring this story to the next level. Not a deal breaker, I very much enjoyed the story.

The MC, Channin, I felt, went through a weird progression. Where she starts out strong and fierce, I feel she ends at the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m curious to read a next installment to see how that might play out. Brave and idealistic, by the end, I thought she kind of turned into a sniveling brat. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this…

Overall, a fun, classic fantasy read with vampires, dragons, werewolves and strong heros.

Happy Reading 🙂