#FridayReads: The Cruel Stars

I finally settled on my first read of the new year. I feel like typically at this point I’d be on book 3 or 4 or 5, but there’s been this weird reading situation going on. I just can’t settle into something. I’ve gone through four books that I put aside after the first few chapters. I almost NeVeR do this. When I start a book, I typically commit to the end, even if I’m not really feeling it. Apparently, that aspect of my reading habits has fallen off……

I’m committed to reading more of my first love this year: nerdy, techy Sci-Fi. The beautifully imaged bookstagram community I follow on Instagram is heavy-handed on the romance and/or YA genres, so I’ve been swayed over the last couple of years to fill my reading time with more of that. Not a bad thing, just a change that swept over my life 😆

The Cruel Stars by John Birmingham seemed to fit my need for traditional Science Fiction. So far, so good at chapter five. Still getting into it 🤞

Anyone read The Cruel Stars? What did you think (no spoilers, please)?

#FridayReads: Crooked Kingdom

Yes, I get sucked into all the posts about the great bestsellers. A read many books to see if the hype is warranted and Six of Crows was one of them. I liked it. It was a kind-of Italian Job and Ocean’s Thirteen in Steampunk with fabulous characters unique and expressive. There’s just so many. I don’t do well with more than three or four.

Now onto book two, I’m about half-way and kind of like, MEH. I don’t really care about the broader story. How Book 1 ends has been rectified, and I feel like I don’t need to know anymore. I am curious about the television adaptation Netflix is working on. I wasn’t a fan of The Mortal Instruments book series, but I was teenage-girl-obsessed with The Shadowhunters show. *shrug* I can’t explain it either. Such great characters from Leigh Bardugo to bring to the screen.

What are you currently reading? Is it worth getting into? Tell me in the comments or find me on Instagram