#FridayReads: The Cruel Stars

I finally settled on my first read of the new year. I feel like typically at this point I’d be on book 3 or 4 or 5, but there’s been this weird reading situation going on. I just can’t settle into something. I’ve gone through four books that I put aside after the first fewContinue reading “#FridayReads: The Cruel Stars”

#FridayReads: Crooked Kingdom

Yes, I get sucked into all the posts about the great bestsellers. A read many books to see if the hype is warranted and Six of Crows was one of them. I liked it. It was a kind-of Italian Job and Ocean’s Thirteen in Steampunk with fabulous characters unique and expressive. There’s just so many.Continue reading “#FridayReads: Crooked Kingdom”