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On my Instagram page, I try to post a weekly #writerwednesday, highlighting an indie author I’ve read. As an indie author, I like to think our community can help each other simply by passing along the existence of each other. Writers are the best market for books since we all seem to read as insatiably as we write 🙂 Knowing how difficult it can be to find an audience also makes us (well, me anyway) more inclined to pick up a book with only a few reviews. I’ve found many excellent reads this way.

I neglect this website and in an attempt to rectify that, I think I’ll post these #writerwednesdays and #fridayreads and #firstlinefridays and #motivatemondays here as longer posts. As this first Writer Wednesday to grace the pages of my website, I think I’ll just go back over some that I’ve already highlighted.

Records of the Ohanzee was a series I found as soon as I became a part of the #boostagram and #indieauthor community on Instagram. Rachel R. Smith’s feed is full of beautiful books pics, so her feed is great to follow for that alone 🙂

Nighthawk was the first indie book I ever read. I was thoroughly impressed, and it forced me to put aside the weird vibe I had about indie-publishing. Marie Francis (now Marie Ventris) showed me that indies can write great books and gave me the motivation to complete my own writing projects 🙂

Fir Lodge is about a topic I am not brave enough to tackle, but that I absolutely LoVe-TIME TRAVEL! It’s written in my favorite third-person omniscient, which the community at large says not to use but I disagree with 😉 And TiMe TrAvEl!! A great plot twist has me excited for book 2 🙂

The Hashna Stone is more middle grade-ish, but I didn’t like it any less because of that. Classic fantasy with a massively flawed MC I loved to watch grow with a female badass we should all wish to be as cool as. I found Ms. Anna Fox after polling Instagram for indie books to read.

Nicola Rose has become a friend. We critique each other’s work and instill some motivation and hope when the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel seems impossibly grim. Her love of bad-boy romances has leaked onto me, so I’ve since become a reader of romance as I never had before. Her Possessed series starts with Possessed by the Devil and it’s everything great about Supernatural with the addition of a heap-ton of lust.

Full reviews can be found on my Review Page.

Have an indie book you loved? Post it in the comments and I’ll add it to my To Be Read pile

Happy Reading 🙂

The Hashna Stone By Anna Fox

Book Review

The Hashna Stone

By Anna Fox

YA. Fantasy.

4 Stars

A fabulous, Classic Fantasy tale For all.

Dalan, a six-teen-year-old orphan, can’t wait for the day he can leave the orphanage and return to his hometown to find the truth behind his father’s death. He thinks he’s found the way to escape his life as a poor orphan when he finds a bright red gemstone in the middle of the woods. Instead, it puts his life at risk.

He hopes the gemstone will provide a way to go back to the wealthy lifestyle he knew as a commander’s son, but the suspicious magic it contains keeps anyone from buying it. Not only does it fail to yield riches, but it haunts him with dreams telling him to take the gemstone further than he’s ever traveled: Hashna.

Dalan has never visited the country that is home to the tiny, green-eyed people who filled the gemstone with magic, but when winged beasts armed with sharp talons and teeth—who are supposed to be mythical—attack him, he is driven to take the gemstone to Hashna to find answers.

The gemstone turns out to play a vital part in the affairs of the entire county, and Dalan is charged with its safety. Dalan sees the opportunity to follow in his father’s footsteps and gain fame and glory from the task. But his quest for recognition may be the downfall of a country.

This was just a great, classic, fun story. I especially appreciated the flaws of Dalan, how at times you just wanted to slap him. He was so real and allowed for some great character development that left me rooting for him in a way I seldom do so consciously.

I look forward to more from Ms. Fox!

Happy Reading 🙂