You Ever Do That Thing…

Writers, do you ever do that thing where you start writing at some random point in your story because you’re feeling it, and it’s the fun and exciting part, only to realize there’s not an organic way to actually get there, so now you have to re-write everything you wrote? Asking for a friend, ofContinue reading “You Ever Do That Thing…”

Where Do They Come From? Part I

In the middle of writing a sentence in the first draft of my current project, I have the thought that I should just stop, erase it all, delete it all, unpublish my five self-published works and forget I ever thought this could be a thing. What?! Then my stomach starts balling into knots. Is thisContinue reading “Where Do They Come From? Part I”

Do We Like ‘Happily Ever After?’

Working towards finishing up draft one of this new project, I’m caught by the fact that I haven’t decided on the ending. Very easily, I can give each character a fantastic end to a long journey, a place in their world that makes it all worth it, that makes their sufferings and losses culminate toContinue reading “Do We Like ‘Happily Ever After?’”

Vulnerability in Art

I wrote this right before I published STUMBLING, and apparently decided not to post it. I have changed my mind on that. At least it might give you a smile. It did me, though it still holds true. My third book will release in a few days so there’s a panic thing going on atContinue reading “Vulnerability in Art”

Avoidance as a Motivator

The Business of Art Whatever thing you create, sculptures, bath toys, book marks, outfits for lizards, it has to be seen; you somehow have to let people, the more the better, know that you made that thing. Learning the Business There are so many webinar’s and books and classes and YouTube videos on how toContinue reading “Avoidance as a Motivator”